Whats your online multiplayer Game/ID?
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Originally posted by Wilson M.
DanG, those HE90's aren't really that good (now if I can only just keep deluding myself about that).

Eric, it's only a 508.20. Nothing to write home about.


By the way, I only use my Music Series Pro headphones with my Meridian and Melos.
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Games I've played: Red Baron II, Counterstrike, Day of Defeat, Unreal Tournament, Medal of Honor.

Games I play now: Medal of Honor

Games I want to play: DOD, BF1942

Clan: Always varies... just what my friend and I make on a whim

Name: The_HunterNJ (AND NO! It has nothing to do with New Jersey, was for a defunct clan that I never got off the ground)
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Mechwarrior 4: Vengance. On MSN gaming zone.

Unit: "Morrison's Extractors" . A pirate group.

Callsign on zone: ME_Creeper
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Originally posted by binary_digit
Name of the game= Battlezone II
ID = Binary_Digit
Clan = NA
Prefered Server = All Strat

battlezone II!! Ahhh, those were the days! That was an amazing game, too bad I lost the CD a long time ago.

Game: Counter-Strike
ID: SexMonkeyNuts
Clan: Some silly cal-im clan. I hardly bother anymore, especially with my junk Gateway laptop.
Prefered Server: Anything I can get less than 50 ping on.

Game: Role-Playing Games
ID: Arkken

Game: Everything Else (natural selection, battlefield 1942, etc.)
ID: Nostrils
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So boring, after 3-4 yrs still play D2, my guys are all godly and high on the ladders, so I cant just quit cold turkey.

Username: <O_O>
PS: Battlenet Sux.
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game: CS used to play wc3
my nicks either -fearless- or Si|eNt i sometimes change it to the name of the song i am listening to. I got my system right next to my comp so theres alot of gaming and music listening going on. All I need now is mini fridge under my desk.

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