What is up with this?
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Dec 28, 2007
I just got my Harman/Kardon EP710s, and, to me, they sound far worse than the stock Creative buds. I also have tried the JVC marshmallows and, to me they sound far worse than the stock Creative buds. For some reason, to me, the stock Creative buds have a fuller and richer sound.

What's up with this? Could it be because they aren't burnt in?
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Sounds like you don't have a proper seal.
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When i first got etys, I could not get a decent seal.

Eventually i learned that they go in further than i expected.
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Yeah, at least with the etys, the flanges have to go deep into the ear. For me I often have the last bit of silicone just barely sticking out of the canal-for best sound I try and get the silicone to basically dissapear. I would imagine it might be the same, it is supposed to go deep into the ear canal. If the triple flange is too small that could be it. If it is you have very large canals....
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Agreed. I used my ER4Ps for weeks thinking: These are *OK* but I expected more.
I thought I had a good seal. Turns out I was wrong!
The fuller rich sound you are used to might just be coloration. Etys are very transparent and neutral so I'm assuming the HKs they build are similar.
Live with em for a while and be sure you have a perfect seal.
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Originally Posted by mrdeadfolx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
ten bucks says that by the end of this thread he says, "I got a perfect seal with _____ tips, holy ****!!!"

I see your ten bucks and raise you fifty!!

OP you have PM.

And the foam tips is a good idea.
I find them uncomfortable for more than about an hour but it's much easier to get a good seal.
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You simply seem to prefer the stock Creative buds.
Nothing wrong with that...

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