Want to uprate HD 25-1 II cable. Help
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Mar 4, 2009
Hi there, I want to make up some new cables for my sennheiser HD 25-1 ii headphones. I have never made a headphone cable before but am handy with a soldering iron.
I have a couple of questions ( Possibly stupid / obvious but any help will be greatly appreciated)

1) Does any one know where I can get the sennheiser 2 pin connectors from to plug into the headphones.

2) What sort of cable would you reccomend for someone whose pockets are not to deep and do I need to match the resistance or anything?

3) Other that soldering connectors onto either end and maybe cable wrapping everything is there any thing else I should considder

Thanks in advance guys

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Yes, go for the HD6x0 cable, the improvement is significant. When you have more in budget, you can consider Cardas HD replacement cable as well.
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Originally Posted by ManAtWork /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yes, go for the HD6x0 cable, the improvement is significant. When you have more in budget, you can consider Cardas HD replacement cable as well.

How is the improvement significant? Please explain.

In all honesty, as an owner of the HD 25-1-II headphones, the stock cable, despite being made of steel, is just fine, especially because we are only dealing with 6 feet of cable.
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Oh, there's an improvement all right. After three days of lugging the HD25 around the cable started to cut out on the right channel. Senn's utilitarian approach works fine for their pro-line phones, but they need to up the sturdiness of their cables.

Make sure that the portion of the cable that tucks away under the headband is really thin, otherwise it won't fit in the groove.
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Sorry to bump up this thread but my right channel has also cut out after owning them for 8 months. I'm thinking about emailing Senn for a replacement cable but I also want to replace it with something longer and something that's not as crap as the stock cable. All I'm really after is someone to tell me what cable to get and where to get it (UK). Thanks
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I've run my HD25 from standard, 600, Kimber and APS v3 cables. There is a big difference, I promise you.


In the price, right?
OP, build it by your own´, i did it with mogami quad cable, some nylon sleeve, a fancy plug, just for the look. and it came out pretty nice. hasrdest part is the senn connectors, or mroe expensive at least.

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may I know how about the sound for HD25-1 with mogami cable? ^ ^
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except the mogami,any suggestion?
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so now what the cable you used?
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OP mean?
where can i get it?^ ^

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