Vinyl Decal Stickers
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Feb 11, 2004
I got some vinyl decal stickers of bands off ebay, got the Radiohead logo and another sticker of Ben Folds (an indie piano rock trio).

I am having trouble thinking where to put them

Where would you put your stickers?

I am thinking maybe my keyboard (synthesizer) or my water bottle. Thought about putting it on my laptop but that would turn my originally mature looking IBM T42 into a little kid's machine

Any suggestions?
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I have decals for AC/DC, Children of Bodom, and Cradle of Filth.
I stuck mine on a pad/folder thing that I use at work.
I have some other decals that are just propped up on my computer desk. That way I can see them, but they stay like new.
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I would have said the side of your CRT monitor, but if you have LCD, your PC or back of your laptop should do just fine.
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As a general rule of thumb I hate stickers, but the ones I get that I like alot I stick to the sides of my CRT. For some reason that seems like an acceptable place to put stickers. Just dont cover any vents
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Originally Posted by mbriant
Take up the guitar and put them on your guitar case.

LOL I have always been taught by my piano teacher that keyboard players and guitar players are enemies.

We have our huge rig to carry around, but the guitar players have just the little guitar and they get all the girls too
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I'm not a big fan of ruining things with stickers, I cant stand to see something out of place like that-

However, CD racks are one of the few places I allow myself to put stickers

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