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Nov 18, 2012
I'm getting ready to remove my head unit in my truck and replacing it with a tablet. I was instructed by a few guys to get a usb DAC buy I'm not sure about which one to buy. And will i be able to connect the dac to a usb hub
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It depends on what kind of processing you refer to? What you need to get sound in your truck is except a tablet and DAC also an amplifier/car stereo with analogue audio/aux input (for the DAC) and speakers. If you only listen to headphones you will just need the headphones and possibly a headphone amp (not needed if the headphones have an easy load). This all you really need except cables to get a good sound. Ofcourse you can add an equalizer and/or a DSP if you want to alter the sound...but I would personally prefer it without.

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