UE Super.fi 5 with Shure foams-quick question
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Jan 3, 2008
I love my UE Super.fi 5's, but I also like the way the newer (black) Shure foamies have been reviewed. A lot of people seem to like them, and I'd like to try them with my Super.fi's.
Question: will these Shure foamies fit the Super.Fi's? Or is the Super.Fi tube too large?
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No, Shure tips won't fit.

I have tried something that I read in a thread here where you take the inner post out of both the UE and Shure tips and put the Shure tips on the UE post. Then you can just pop the hybrid Shure/UE tip on your SF5.

I did it, but I find it much more uncomfortable than using standard UE silicon tips. It ends up being larger or something. It hurts my ears.

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