UE Customs: How They Are Made!!
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Aug 6, 2007
Was surfing through YouTube and as an avid audiophile I felt it was natural too search up Ultimate Ears, and low and behold I came across this video:

YouTube - Ultimate Ears Customize

Girl goes into UE and finds out how stuff is made etc, it's quite awesome!
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Very nice. I'm not typically for camo anything but that one pair looked intriguing. Also at the start that tree design. Now if only I had the money, lol. Now im interested nin trying to find that first video, on to some random website I do suppose.
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Too bad not all of us have 700+ dollars to spend.

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Nice video. Makes you see where all the money goes.

It also makes me want some. Now!
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Good stuff.
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Originally Posted by IPodPJ /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Seems like a cool company to work for, too!

Yeah i reckon! See the guy who was doing the paint job, he had a pair on...probably got em for free too
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Wow, I didn't know how much of it is hand-made. No wonder they cost so much.

Interviewer wasn't that great and all the guys that were interviewed were extremely nervous, but it was still a very cool video.

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