Troubleshooting my headphones question..Anyone have Explosions in the Sky?
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Feb 20, 2008
Recently been listening to a lot of Explosions in the Sky but have come across a really annoying thing when I listen to one song in particular and I'm trying to see if it's just me or the recording.

The song is "Your Hand in Mine" and in the very beginning 0:15 and again 0:20-0:35 (on and off again) i hear a slight rattle in the left ear..but only the left ear. It goes away as the song progresses but it really sounds like something very small is rattling in that ear. I've never heard it with any other song and being that I'm at work I don't have any other cans to listen and see if its just the cans or the recording.

Could anyone verify? It's may be very subtle but now that I've heard it it's all I can hear in the early part of the song. I'd hate to pull the headphones apart to find the rattle if I don't have to.


Nevermind. I shook the headphones, spun the earpads around about 5 times then tapped the back of the cup.
Rattle gone.


Nevermind Nevermind. I still hear it. Tried listening with a neighbors Triports and didn't hear it but I'm hoping its because they're Triports and maybe it's just a fine detail of the recording which it can't pick up? heh

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