Triple Flange Tips
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Dec 28, 2007
Is there any special way to get a seal with these? I can't seem to get it.

(and the only other tips I have are foam tips which make me look stupid and kinda hurt my ears)
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Well, you don't have to spit on it, but moistening it does help.
You could use a drop or so of water on your fingers, etc. I've also seen olive oil used on here, though not tried it myself.

I have the best luck with the Ety method of pulling up and out on the top of the ear to straiten out the outer canal.
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Always trust your own ears!
You're the one who has to listen with them. =P

I might suggest you keep listening to lots of different music.
I think you might find the HKs are less forgiving of poorer quality source material and are probably giving you more accurate reproduction. That's not to say that's better for you...

You wouldn't believe the baffled looks I get when I demo my high-end speakers. Plenty of people just *don't like* neutral hi-fi sound. And that's fine...
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I remember seeing some place selling ear drops... but those were for custom earmolds... might help with the fit and comfort level of your triple flanges thou
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Give it a bit of time to have both your ears get accustomed to the feel of the tips deep in the ear canal and for the silicone tips to soften up a bit and mold to the shape of your ear. But yeah pulling up on the ear a bit and then inserting deep will give a good seal, but it will take a bit of time to get used to it.

Foams always hurt in my ears after a period of time as well, expand too much with too much pressure.

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