Thinking about upgrading my sound.. Suggestions / Opinions Please!
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New Head-Fier
Mar 5, 2007
My current setup is a X-Fi Elite Pro, to a Headroom Mini Amp to DT770 (250). Im looking to "up the ante" on my audio setup, and need an opinion on the following:

Selling my Elite Pro, and going to an X-Fi Titanium (to maintain EAX in gaming,and I want to use the optical out in the back of the card, vs. the breakout box on the Elite Pro) to a Compass DAC (Headphone Amp / Preamp).

I figure that the gaming setup won't change, but that should be a nice step up in FLAC/APE listening. I am curious if the DAC on the Titanium will interfer at all with the DAC on the Compass..

In about a month, I plan on upgrading my 'cans as well, but not sure what path I'll take there (thinking about some darth beyers or a derivative of).

Opinions / Suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.


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