The "Lo-Fi" Thread
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1000+ Head-Fier
Mar 24, 2009
Low-fi sounds, High quality music!
From the chip side of things,
Desert Planet
Anamanaguchi (Free EP available)
Dubmood (free stuff available)
Trash80 - "mid" fi i guess but very nice(Free EP available)
Binaerpilot - another "mid" fi. To my knowledge its all free off his site

Let's go!
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Not really my cup of tea these days, but I used to really like Eric's Trip in the '90s. Such sweet sounds peeking through a nearly impenetrable wall of distortion!
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Most of the Elephant 6 bands are pretty low fi and also amazing.
Neutral Milk Hotel
Olivia Tremor Control
Apples in Stereo
Elf Power
Of Montreal...
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Gotta love Dinosaur Jr and Built To Spill
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Dinosaur Jr.

Oh, that beautiful muddy brightness. Gotta love it.
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erm, theyre low-fi sounds? >.> (which is what i was talking about). most of the stuff i listed is chiptune/bitpop/blipblop
sorry if i wasnt very clear.
something like Wagdug futuristic unity would fit too
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Built to spill and Elliott smith definitely don't count. They are for the most part great quality big studio performances.

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