The Final Selection!!!
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Apr 24, 2009
Hey guys, I've been looking to set up my very first rig for a while now and I have finally decided on a pair of headphones. I've decided to get the Sennheiser hd 595.

Now, I am completely stuck on a dac/amp. I have narrowed my budget for a dac/amp combo to $250 and have also narrowed my dac/amp selection down to four. To me they all seem like they're all pretty good, and I would probably be happy with any of them, but since I have no experience at all with these things, I'm going to let all of you head-fiers choose for me. Which ever dac/amp gets the most votes, I will buy.

Thank you all in advance for your participation in my very first audio rig.

(oh and I will be listening to ALACs and 256-320 kbps mp3s on my Macbook. Mostly listen to rock, alternative and hip hop and a little bit of everything else.)
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do you have an amp now or are you listening straight via the mac?
the reason I'm asking is because in your tight budget, I think it's best to buy one component at a time.
Perhaps even start with an amp, and expand your rig to include a DAC further down the line when you got the cash.
call me a tight-ass, but I can't see much pleasure coming out of a $250 DAC/AMP combo. so I would recommend to start with an amp.
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Of your choices, the Beresford will provide you with the largest safety net with respect to upgrading. It has all the input options you could want, and has a very competent DAC section. You can always upgrade down the line by adding an amp of your choosing to the chain.
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I voted for beresford but make sure he tests it first before shipping if you decide to go with that.
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I received my hotaudio usb dac today. Fast shipping, great prices, greater products and wonderful tech support. Thought there was something wrong with my dac, sent them a few e-mails, and it's working amazing now. Works great with my hd-595s' as well, I would definitely go with them.

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