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  1. GREQ
    I can't.
    I sold my HD540 a while ago, so I have no way of checking now.
    I can however tell you that hifiman pads fit my hd540 perfectly, and I have interchanged beyer and hifiman pads many times on various headphones, and pad-rolling experiments.
  2. gab4
    I have had the MrSpeaker Alpha Pads for my DT700 for a couple days now and I have one strange problem. The left side is extremely uncomfortable. The right one is super comfortable and I really like it but the left despite not having any damage oder quality problems is unbearable for more than an hour. I don't think my left ear is that much different from my right one but it seems to "touch" the pads at the top, bottom and side and I have to constantly lift off, adjust, or switch headphones. I have never had this problem before.

    Anyone got tips on how to solve this? I already tried moving it to different angles but nothing did work. This problem didn't occur on the first 2 days. Can I soften them or just try to wear them in for a couple of weeks?
  3. Killcomic
    Hi everyone,
    I just got in the mail, after an eternity of waiting, a pair of Brainwavz sheepskin oval angled pads. I've put them on my M40X and the comfort level has gone up by 10,000%.
    I was worried about the effect they would have on the sound quality and these are my impressions.


    A definite increase. Singers no longer sound like they are in my head. They seem to be in front of me now. Quite a bit wider but depth not so much. A tad better than before though.

    With the stock M40X filters, the treble seems a bit muted, almost as if it lost some presence.
    Once I removed the filters, the treble sounds a bit more natural but it also gets an airy quality about it. I could even say it gains a bit of reverb.

    Mids sound the same to me. If there's actually a change in the quality, it's very subtle.

    Bass have now more rumble but they sound like the lost a bit of tightness and control, slightly boomier. I don't feel that bass has decreased, if anything it sounds like there's more of it, although it has lost some punchiness to it.

    The tracks I tested with:

    Yellow Magic Orchestra:
    Chinese Whispers - Sharp, hard hitting synth track with lovely 80's drums. It gained a good sense of space without sacrificing clarity. The bass felt controlled and even a bit more present than before.

    Miossec: A Montpamasse -
    A song that builds layer upon layer upon layer. It gets extremely busy by the end with multiple guitars, kick drums, cymbals and voices all going at once. It's a good track to test clarity as lesser headphones simply turn to mud by the end of the song.
    Happily, clarity was maintained and even by the end I was able to pick out the different instruments. Although it feels like there's more boominess, it still kept control., probably because of the M40X stellar treble.

    Nick Cave: Easy Money -
    A fairly quite track with piano, bass guitar, cello(?) and drums. At times it felt like it might get a tad boomy, but then it never crosses that threshold where clarity is lost.
    Vocals do seem to get a upper mid range boost which make them sound a tad unnatural, but it could be the recording as another Nick Cave song, The Carny, sounded perfectly fine.

    The Beatles:
    Hello Goodbye - Other than getting a wider stage, the song sounded the same to me, which is to say it sounded great.

    Daft Punk: Lose Yourself To Dance -
    I was curious to hear how these pads would handle the bass in this track. Pretty darn well actually!
    It kept control, no change in the quantity but it added a nice rumble to it. Voices sounded the same but the sound stage increase multiplied the fun by 80% (scientific measurement). No loss in clarity detected.

    Yoshie Nakano: Soleil -
    A sweet, upbeat song with piano, drums, brass and vocals. I could say a tad of clarity was lost due to the bass which can be surprisingly prominent at times but the rumble did give it more energy than before. It didn't seem to take advantage of the increased soundstage.

    So yes, it does change the sound, but I certainly don't think it's worse. It's different. If anything it makes it a bit more interesting and fun.
    If you love the M40X sound signature, maybe these pads will ruin it for you, but to be honest, I found the M40X a tad boring at times so this worked out just fine for me.

    UPDATE: After further listening, I've decided to put the stock felt filters on. The voices were sounding a bit hollow. The stock filters took care of that. It looses a 0.5% of clarity in return for better sounding vocals. Soundstage also shrinks a bit, still better than with stock pads though.
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  4. JimJames
    Surely been asked a thousand times but what pads are the most breathable: perforated leather, vegan suede, velour...?
  5. bigtimegamer76
    Still new to the site but I don't think I've seen anyone link where to find these pads which is a shame since my google searches haven't really helped mainly because I don't what sites are reputable. I would buy them off of amazon but they only sell replacements and brainwavs. If someone can post some links that would be very helpful.
  6. George Taylor
    Going to try posting my search here first and see if it gets any results. I'm attempting to replace the pads on my Kennerton Vali. The diameter is approx. the same as on the Beyerdynamic 1990. But it's leather, or something like it. It's a round pad, with a slight angle to it. I'm searching on Amazon for anything close, but not having much luck. I see the Brainwavz pads, but they're not angled. I want to replace the old pads for comforts sake more than anything. I like the SQ of the cans, so I'd like to find the closest thing I can to the old ones size wise, but with better padding. So, if anyone has any ideas please feel free to share them.
  7. Vesperaudio
    We can produce any custom pads you like.
  8. ohcrapgorillas
    I just got a pair of Dekoni elite hybrid pads for the HD600 in the mail. I have had them on my head for less than an hour, swapping back and forth between stock pads, these, and brainwavz HM5 velour pads slightly modified to fit the Sennheisers better.

    Initial impressions in terms of comfort and quality are very very positive, they're very comfortable, and I can't find any flaws in the stitching or materials. Because they're a little bigger, they clamp harder, but that's an issue that can be fixed easily.

    Initial impressions in terms of sound quality are...not great. think I'm hearing some weird low-frequency resonances in the range of 250-300 Hz that give a little bit of bloat to that region. I don't have a headphone measurement rig, but I will say I tried listening for it on a log sweep and couldn't pick it out definitively but I can definitely hear some resonance in music. I also feel like I'm losing a little bit of treble extension. These work better on the HD600, on the 650 it feels like doubling down on the bass hump and treble rolloff in a bad way. I'm tearing up my foam discs swapping pads out, does anyone know if the cheap ones from china are the same as the sennheiser official ones?

    Again, these are <1 hour impressions so don't take them too seriously. We'll see if things get better with wearing in or with clamp adjustment. There aren't a bunch of reviews of these things out there, not that I've seen anyway, so I figured I'd write down what I'm hearing for anyone interested. I'll update later with more impressions as I get more used to them. Setup is Eitr>Modibit>Magni 3 and a heavily modded Bottlehead Crack.

    edit: bonus pics

    Last edited: Dec 8, 2017
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  9. ohcrapgorillas
    Further impressions on the Dekoni pads above are a lot more positive. I'm not sure how to explain it... maybe the foam is wearing in and loosening up? It does feel a bit less stiff on my head from when I received them I guess. I also adjusted the clamping force. No more resonances, no more muffled treble.

    I know they posted some FR graphs somewhere, but I can't find them and I can't remember what the elite hybrid series was supposed to do to the sound (FR deviations were all relatively small iirc). My subjective impressions is that there is a little more midbass/upper bass response, and just a hair less treble extension. These aren't huge departures from the original sound signature, fairly subtle and mostly pleasant. I no longer have any desire to swap the original pads back on.
  10. ToTo Man
    My HD600 stock pads are starting to flatten a little so I'm thinking about taking part in the Massdrop for Dekoni Ear Pads for my HD600 which ends tomorrow.

    I was wondering if any HD600 owners have compared all 4 versions to the stock pads? I've seen the response charts on the Dekoni website but would welcome a second opinion.

    I'm very happy with the stock HD600 sound so am not seeking much sonic change, more an improvement in comfort. I find the stock velour pads become a little warm and claustrophobic on my ears after a whole, I prefer the lambskin pads on MrSpeakers Ether for example.

    I currently use the following EQ settings on my HD600:
    -1.5dB notch cut at 3500Hz
    +1dB high shelf boost above 10kHz
    +5dB low shelf boost below 80Hz

    With these EQ settings my HD600 sound perfect to my ears, so I'm concerned that the Dekoni FR Graphs show a boost from 100Hz to 2kHz for all Dekoni pad versions. My ideal replacement pad would have same FR as stock pads but with two exceptions: slight reduction from 2kHz-5kHz and a slight boost above 10kHz. I'm trying to decide which Dekoni pad best fits my sonic preferences?
  11. Shroomalistic
    anyone have suggestions for monolith m560's? I have the mdr-xb500 pads and they are a tad too small for my liking so I got the mdr-xb700 and they are nice just way too thick. I was thinking the zmf ori suede but they are angled and not sure how those would be since early stock pads are flat and now they come with some super horrible pads that are on ear pads rather then over ear. I tried my brianwavz hybrid but they muffle the sound and just change it way too much. Pads need to be able to stick on with double sided adhesive tape. The m560's are absolutely amazing set of cans, specially since I got them new from monoprice for $135 bucks shipped. I dont mind spending a little extra for pads that are gonna work well. I wish I could find some original stock ones. My only other thoughts are dekoni sheep skin.
  12. Kevin Brown
    Quick question: when I look for M50x ear pads, I see "HP-EP", but I've also seen "HP-M50x BK". What's the difference? Thanks!

    [I just got a pair of M40x cans, and the ear pads aren't great. I've seen mention that putting on the "softer" M50x ear pads, might improve things. ??]
  13. Kulgrinda
    @Vesperaudio custom-made pads for Monoprice M1060. Really happy with the result, recommended product!
    DSC_2839_re.jpg DSC_2840_resize.jpg DSC_2841_resize.jpg DSC_2845_resize.jpg
  14. angelus55
    hi guys, im looking for replacement earbuds for my monster turbines iems, i lost most of them that came with it so i only have one set right now

    i was looking at the memory foam bullets by dekoni and they look really comfortable, which size would i need to fit on my monster turbines?, and do you know of any other or better options? i dont want to spend to much money if possible

    please and thanks
  15. musicday
    High quality leather earpads for Pioneer SE_Master 1? Been told Stax 009 size will fit, but I am looking for genuine leather ,your help appreciated thanks.
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