Summit-Fi Mini-Meet SoCal (Interest Check)
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Oct 1, 2003
Now that many people are vaccinated... I wanted to do an interest check to see if anyone in the Los Angeles area (I'm in Santa Monica) would be interested in doing a mini-meet specifically for Summit-fi level gear. I myself can possible host up to 4 people, and have the following equipment:

* Stax Sr-009S
* Joseph Grado HP-2i (very rare)

*Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition
* Mjolnir Audio KGST
* Schiit Modius

* Will have either a Schiit Gungnir Multibit or Yggy A2 depending on time of meet

(I also have some mid-fi gear like a Grado Rs-2e and some lesser expensive Schiit products.)

Wishlist equipment that would be fun to have at the meet:
Abyss Ab-1266
Audeze LCD-4
Focal Utopia
Raal SR-1A
Vintage or other TOTL electrostatic headphones to try on the amps
High-end dynamic tube amps to try with the HP-2i
High-end dacs (e.g. anything Chord)
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I think I can bring my utopia, do you have a date for the meetup?
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Awesome! I'm thinking around May 30th?
well I have ap exams around that time so I don't think I can make it. I saw your post in the canjam post and I just assumed that it would be somewhat close to that
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I am insterested, really want to try the BHSE. I can bring anything if you want
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How is everything going on? Is this meeting still going?
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I am interested but maybe in the fall or winter depending on covid.

I have a few things on your list
Chord Dave and Mscaler
Cavalli liquid glass amp.
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