Sub audio during test but not when playing something in Windows.
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Jul 29, 2014

I tried connecting a 3.5mm cable from the orange port on the on-board sound card, to the red and white LFE ports on the subwoofer.

Here is the manual for the motherboard:

If you go to page 2-18, it confirms that the orange port is for sub out.

I also currently have a 3.5mm to red/white RCA cable going from the green port on the sound card, to my powered speakers.

Here are the settings on SupremeFX.


When I do the sound test, and I put my mouse over the sub in that diagram, I hear output. At the appropriate sound level.

When I play actual audio, like a CD or digital file, I barely hear the subwoofer. I can feel it moving, but it doesn't do much.

Also, one thing that has always seemed weird, with my sound settings, is that the master volume for my speakers is usually between 6 - 10. 8 or 10, out of 100, is loud enough to fill the room. I rarely put it past 10/100.

This is in Windows 10.

I don't know if that's related to the sub volume or not. If it's loud enough for my powered speakers, I would hope it's good enough for my sub.

I've had these speakers since 2016, so I'm used to them.

The test tones during this SupremeFX setup (or the native Windows test setup) seem fine. I hear sounds at the proper volumes, for both the powered speakers, and the sub.

But when I play something, I barely hear the sub.

I tried playing content that was in 5.1. I still barely hear my subwoofer when its connected to my PC.

Also, to clarify, whether I'm playing 5.1 content or regular music, I do feel my subwoofer moving when it's connected to my PC. It just barely produces sound.

I can verify that I am playing the 5.1 content correctly, because if I change my audio output device to my receiver (and connect the subwoofer to my receiver, instead of my PC), then the subwoofer sounds like it should.

I haven't tried calling Asus yet, since they made my motherboard. Maybe next weekend.

I do think the fact that my Airmotiv 6s volume is set at 6/100 or 8/100, through my device speakers in windows settings, and yet that is still loud enough to fill the room, might have something to do with it.

Maybe if I were to increase that volume, then I'd also hear more sub.

However, I can't realistically do that, because a 10/100 or 12/100 is too loud, from my Airmotiv 6s.

The other thing that contradicts this, is that when I play the test tones, then the subwoofer sounds loud.

So that might mean that I don't really need to change the master volume.
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Always happy to help, but you're over my head on this one. I just do USB to DAC to amp to active speakers. No 5.1 and no subs.

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