Sub $50 Speakers purely for when i'm in lab.
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Jul 29, 2004
I'm looking for a sub $50 set of speakers... 2.1 that is relatively decent. When I say sub i mean really sub... I have no intention to get anything great since at home I already have a nice setup.

The purpose:
I am in an immunology lab doing research and my experiments sometimes take over 12 hours and the only music we have currently is a tiny CD stereo, an imac, and some tiny speakers from a computer bundle from ages ago.

Something that can produce some decent sound loud enough to overpower some of the equipment and give me some mental relief would be ideal.

A good reference is the old Creative Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 speaker set. I bought one 7 years ago for 30 bucks on amazon and they served the purpose quite well but I dont have those anymore.

Bass should be decently powerfull. Boomy is okay as long as it is not muffled. Muffling is the #1 thing that annoys me about about the cheapest of speakers. We listen to everything so it doesnt need to be particularly good at any genre.

Your vast knowledge and guidance is much appreciated.
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Just hit up a garage sale/flea market/pawn shop and pick up an old boom box that has a line in.
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Well I want it to be more powerful than that. The altec lansing looks interesting... I'll look into that.
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logitec do some lovely 2.1 systems, got one that cost £15 and the sound it puts out is incredible for the price.

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