SS Amp for HD650's
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I've searched, but after seeing several different recommendations, and the possibility of new products in the marketplace, I figured I'd make my own thread..

I'm currently running the ASUS Xonar Essence ST with a Presonus HP4 amplifier to my HD650's.

While the HP4 sounds good through the bulk of the frequency range, it has too much top end to it, and I find myself fatigued quickly.

I've tried tubes, and I prefer the sound of solid state. What can everyone recommend for my setup? I'd like some extra power on tap in case I move to the HD800's.

I really don't want to spend more than $500, and preferably less, but if there's something a little out of my budet that is THAT good, I might make an exception.

Let me know what you think!
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Have you considered the Little Dot MKVII+? I have heard that Balancing the HD650 takes it to a whole other level of performance and the LD amp would allow you to do that. It also has SE output.
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A $500 amp won't be good enough for the HD800's. If you were thinking of buying them, you may want to just put that money towards getting a balanced set up with the HD650.

For SS amps, there have been glowing review for the Purity Audio KICAS, and they are going to be back in stock very soon. They are $400 and here is the website:
Purity Audio
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I have a Head Room Maxxed Out Home that I like with my HD650s.

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