Speaker Amp to replace dying receiver?
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Jul 29, 2004
Hello all. I have a vintage Marantz Receiver model PM170AV that has been bypassed and only the PowerAmp has been used to power floor standing speakers. I use a PreSonus central station to feed passively to the poweramp and then directly out to the speakers. Recently (last night), there has been static coming out of the right speaker making everything muffled. I've tested every combination of cables and ports everywhere and narrowed it down to the poweramp in the receiver.
Bottom line, I'm looking for something to replace it and seeing as I have the Central Station, there is no need for another receiver. Instead, I'm thinking about a Poweramp to power the speakers. What are some affordable recommendations between 100-400? If i can get away with something on the lower end, that'd be better. I have HD600's for the important stuff. Thanks
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So, I spent some time reading up on my current receiver and found that some sites mention it is 170w per channel. That seems like quite a bit. Can anybody confirm whether or not the speakers require that much? I was thinking of getting the Audiosource AMP-100 off amazon for $100 but if it requires so much more power per channel then I'll be needing another idea.

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