Sound Quality: Samsung P3 vs Q2
May 14, 2010 at 6:20 PM Post #16 of 16
well, the p3's ui was the first of all uis i have come across that has actually taken away from the device. Very often the screen would scroll down when I actually wanted to select something. Plus I hate the fact that you cannot change the background color in the music menu. It is almost impossible to navigate this thing in anything but a dark room.Add the skewered responsiveness of the ui and there goes your usability. I'd like to change the background color to somthing bright and the fonts to a dark color. that might help. If it should, unexpectedly, be possible, please, someone tell me. Isearched around for that but it seems impossible.
well, my contribution to this thread: i have come to understand that sq alone is not enough. I'd compare the two and then decide which ui and which sq make for the better package. these number games up there - imo - are useless.

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