Sony S639 EQ
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Nov 4, 2008
Hello all

I've had this great little player for some time now and am very happy with it. However, I still havent' figured out the perfect equalizer settings. That is, while everything sounds crystal clear and every little detail is noticable, I can't get a setting that would add sone extra "oomph" (I now that sounded silly, but I'm not familiar with audiophille terms) that I feel is missing. I know it's a matter of personal taste, but any recommendations would be great, so what's yours?

By the way, I have the Denon C700 (now called c751) earphhones, if that's any help.

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Have you messed around with the last two of the EQ settings: Custom 1 and Custom 2?

Custom just means you set it where you like on each of the five bands, and the DAP remembers that setting. I assume by OOMPH, you mean boosting the first band (bass) 1 or 2 clicks, and reducing the 4th band, I think it is 2.5k, by one or two clicks.
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Yes, of course I've tried those. This is what I'm looking for, what other people's custom settings are, just in case I like any of those more than mine. Thanks for the reply though.
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If you want more "oomph", you should not reduce the 2nd band. I'm not sure how Sony players work, but generally it's like low bass, mid bass, mids, upper mids/lower treble, treble. If you want more oomph you probably want more bass. Have you tried using no EQ/sound modifications besides clear bass?
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I have exactly the same set up as you.
I mostly use no EQ, but occasionally I may up top 2 bands by 1.

Most people wouldn't like it, I think the Etymotic-like sound signature is calling for me.
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On 80s cds that are too hot, I do:


On cds I find just a hair too edgy, I do

Well recorded audiphile cds I do flat, no EQ.

Youll find much more variability in sound quality in the recording of cds that you do in DAPS, by a wide margin. I'd really like to line up most mixing engineers from 85-92 or so and just shoot them all down, no mercy. They must all have suffered from arena rock hearing loss based on the crap they put onto the silver discs.
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For me:

Custom 1 (pretty much all I use right now): +1/0/0/0/+1 with Clear Bass off
Custom 2: -1/0/0/0/-1 with Clear Bass on 2 (maybe 1, I can't really remember)

Custom 2 sounds like it's underwater with certain earphones but does have its benefits, Custom 1 sounds good most of the time, and other than that I just use flat EQ. I like the Jazz setting though, so maybe I'll try that out in the future.

The S639F has made me like EQ again.
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Not so sure about quality of eq on the 639. Last time I played with it I had everything zeroed in a custom eq mode and compared it to no eq. Easy enough to do by flipping through the settings once you've set your custom eq up. It sounded noticably inferior to me through the eq electronics with a flat setting than it did with eq defeated. Not just the effect of a precut db drop either. I left it alone after that thinking why bother, if it means starting off at reduced quality base level. I'll have to revisit it though as most seem to think otherwise
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I find that the high's are to harsh on the A818 so usually turn down the higher frequencies down a notch. (Listening to Interpol's "Take you on a cruise" makes my ears bleed

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