SONY MDR EX71 vs JVC marshmellows
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Dec 8, 2006
hey guys i am wondering which one sounds better?? i did a search but couldnt find comparison, they are same priced and i only want one so uh, any suggestions would be great!
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Never used the Sony's, but I got the JVC Marshmallows a week ago and I love 'em.
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I got the marshmellows today from another head-fier but I hate them! Well hate is a strong word. I dont really care for them. The SQ is pretty low for something that should be competing with the ksc75s.
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apart from the EX90 (which i liked), the FX33s easily beat the EX51/71/81 series

while they both lack a certain amount of detail, the FX33 is more tolerable to listen to. there seems to be some colouration in the highs of the FX33 which keep me wanting more!
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I like the JVC Marshmallows way better than the Sony EX71. The bass on the EX71 is too overpowering and bloated, with harsh highs and drowned-out mids. The JVC's sound just right in comparison. Plus, you can't beat the $20 price tag.

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