Software with slow motion playing
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Feb 11, 2004
I am looking for a software with which I can play music with "slow motion" so it is easier for me to transcribe solos.

Any suggestions?

I am looking for something free. My Creative NJB3 can do this, but I don't have all my music on it anymore since I got the iPod.
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I think theres a program called Audacity or something that does, unfortunately it cant play FLAC files AFAIK.
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Windows media player can do that. It can play the songs at a slower tempo. Go to: View-Enhancements-speed settings on Windows media player.

If you are trying to get the notes for a guitar you can find how to play the song by searching for the songs tab. That is if you know how to read tablature.
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And nope, I'm not a guitar player. I am more interested in transcribing jazz piano solos
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Theres a program called the Amazing Slower Downer. At least I think thats whats its called.

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