Single sided open over-ear recommendation needed
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Jan 23, 2017
I'm looking for a bit of a unicorn here...
I need headphones with the following features in order of importance...
1) Open back
2) Single sided cord
3) Portable
4) Under $100
5) Over ear (preferred, but I'll accept on-ear at this point)
6) Fold-able/collapsible
The only ones I've seen that offer this combination are the Behringer HPX2000, and I was hoping to find something that was a bit nicer looking.  I have the Shure SRH144, and they're mostly what I need but they lack the single sided cord.   
And recommendations?
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If you don't mind buying used, you can find the Philips L1 for under $100 on Amazon (or the Philips L2 for a bit more). They meet all of your criteria, except the don't fold (the earcups do rotate so they can lie flat) 
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I would also recommend the Philips SHP9500s, they are great sounding budget headphones, are well built, and meet all your criteria except being able to fold. 

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