Shure SE115 - Really tempted
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Jan 22, 2009
I already have CX95, EX500lp, Custom 1,2 and various other mid level buds and SE110 left me cold - no freezing but for some reason i get the feeling i will like the SE115!

Anyone have them?
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I thought you wanted to try the ER-4.

Anyway, I personally am unable to help, but I did find this comparison of the SE115 to the SE110:


Originally Posted by MaoDi /img/forum/go_quote.gif
How is the sound quality of the 115?

I would say, a improvement over the SE110. Better lows and Mids. Highs stay around the Same. They Provide a nice warm Sound Signature, Detailed but not a whole ton, highs are clear (not as clear as higher end earphones, or Etymotics and Westones), mids are smooth (shure's Signature Frequency =), Lows are improved over teh Se110, Warm and thumpy, May not be the most powerful though. Would recommend as Entry level earphone along with Phonak Audeo PFE, and Westone Um1.!

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Originally Posted by koven /img/forum/go_quote.gif
not worth the money.. there are better options imo

I think I'll have to agree with Koven. Not to come off as a snob or anything but I find it very difficult to recommend anything from Shure lower than the SE310.

Not sure what your budget is but am pretty sure there are better options available. The Ne-7m comes to mind.
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rmb guys, we're not talking about the SE110 which is crap..
the SE115 is actually pretty good...
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I would say might as well buy something that is $200 than four $50 things. The CX95 won't even compete with the good stuff. Sorry, but CX95, EX500, Custom 1 and 2 are not mid level. They are higher end consumer level stuff. Head-fi mid level is Phonak/Turbine/CK9/X5/SE310/ 5 Pro etc, etc. Not to sound like a snob, of course!
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Originally Posted by koven /img/forum/go_quote.gif
not worth the money.. there are better options imo

That's actually not true, because they're Shure's. You can trust the build quality on them...well with slight exceptions with cables, but everything else is bang on. I find the Se115 to be quite good actually, a big improvement over the se110. Yes i agree, i would prefer a pair of Phonak Audeo PFE's over the Se115 if i were to buy it. But if you prefer a warmer sound signature and better lows, go for the Se115.

The Ne-7m are no doubt very good earphones, but i find the sound of the Shure Se115 to be more accurate, detailed, and the design of the earphone to be better. They also seem to have a better isolation compared to the nuforce as well.

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