should i get these HE-400 !?
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Jan 4, 2015
i was looking to buy some dt990 pro 250 ohm and i found some1 selling he-400 used
i have read a lot about the he-400 on this website... i never owned any plannars . would be amp by jds labs c5..
i am mainly playing games/movies   and listening to electro/hiphop/rnb/rock .. well all kind of music kinda lol but i like bass .. not floppy one .. i loved my dt990 premium 600 but sold them ( mistake )
so yea i was shopping for dt990 pro to use with fulla 2 , but i found this he400-jds labs c5 and was considering it ...
any thought ???
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The HE-400i is a favorite of mine, and its predecessor, the HE-400's, are also exceptional. The DT990's (especially the 600 ohms) are indeed exceptional in their own right as well - I think they sound amazing, but for you (and myself personally) I'd recommend the HE-400's. For rock and rnb especially, the HE-400's sound amazing, but its not like it has a particular weak point in any genre. The DT990's, as I'm sure you've heard, are balanced but recessed in its mids and a bit treble focus. The gap in the mids makes it tough on some genres compared to more balanced headphones. 
When it comes to bass especially, the HE-400's far, far, farrrrr outshine the DT990's. 
Personally I think you should look for the HE-400S, though. It's a more refined, balanced, and overall more fun (in my opinion) in its presentation, and it has less clamp force (a large clamping pressure was actually an issue for some owners of the HE-400's).
The JDS Labs C5 should match it well in its neutrality - the HE-400's or HE-400S's can both shine well with such neutrality in its source.

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