Sennheiser HD 598 bass
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Nov 4, 2016
Before buying HD 598, I read everywhere this was a bass light can. I have been using this for about 6 months straight from a smartphone (pretty lame smartphone, not something like HTC) But I find this can has a bass level almost same as my M50x. The bass on M50x is a bit more hard hitting but HD 598 bass is more defined. Did anyone have the same experience?  
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To be honest, when people say that the HD598 is bass-light, its generally those people getting a 'first taste' of an 'audiophile headphone'. 
The HD598 will have light bass in comparison to those headphones tuned for regular people that don't have a care in the world about audio, but it is by no means 'lacking'. It may be 'lacking for a person's preference', but the HD598's bass is well-defined (in my opinion) and definitely as present as it should be.
I mean, most people getting their first 'entry-level headphones' would generally settle on something like the HD558 (which is what I did), and moving to a 'mid-fi headphone' would be the HD600's and such. HD598's are a strange middle ground, where the 'audience' that buys the product can have vastly differing opinions.
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Yes you right. HD598 are considered to be a "neutral" headphones. 1st of all bass is lacking because they are open headphones. You don't get that punch you get with closed headphones (M50x).
Having a pair of each closed and open headphones are very beneficial. For example, when you want to hear to classic, jazz, new age genre music, open headphones with its massive sound stage are blessing to ears.
If you in mood to hear some metal, hard rock and go all down to dubstep, closed headphone will pack a punch you need.
Sennheiser with its HD series (HD5xx, HD6xx, etc..) are honest about sound. You will hear what audio producer wanted you to hear to details.
Closed headphones are more for fun, imho. They are good for "excitement". That why there many "V-shaped" closed headphones.
Having a good neutral open headphone you trust with your ears and closed headphone you having fun with, are probably the 1st steps of audiophile. At least that how I image it.
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I have now ordered schit magi 2 uber to amp HD 598. Hope things would get even better. I do not have any experience with HD 600. Do you think it's better (I mean more bass definition, mid range and sound stage) than 598? 
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Without a doubt, the HD600 has a more refined sound in every aspect. People would only choose the HD598 for lighter sound, or due to budget restraints. HD600's are far more full-sounding.
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If you want more bass, consider HD650 or HD6xx from massdrop (same hardware). HD600 considered to be more natural, while HD650 has more bass flavor to it.
In my opinion, if you want exciting sound, get V-shape closed headphones and have fun. Come back to HD598 or HD600 when you want neutral and "honest" sound.
Its like a lovers and wife relation ship. You can have all exciting closed headphones, that very exciting and different and all, but by end of the day, you wish to be with your dear HD598/HD600.
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HD 598 has enough bass; this surprised me so much that I started this thread. But honestly, I did find the sound a bit boring initially (possibly because my reference point at the time was M50x). Now I like 598 more than M50x.
You are right, at the end of the day, I do come back to 598 :) 
Nonetheless, one  day I would like to try out HD 650. As of now, it is too costly in my country :frowning2: 

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