Sennheiser 595
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May 3, 2008
Seems there are 2 versions of the 595, a 50 ohm version and a 150 ohm version. They cost the same amount. What difference do the ohm values make? Does it mean one is easier to drive than the other?
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Also, depending on where you are buying, some places have the 150 ohm version listed, but what they are really selling is the 50 ohm version. Dell used to have this issue, as one example.
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There's also the Special Edition which is cheaper for some reason, are there any other differences except for the colour?
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The shop have just told me that the higher the impedance then the easier it is to drive, which is it?
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Worth keeping in mind here that the lower the impedance, the more efficient headphones are in converting the incoming electrical energy into sound. On the contrary, the higher the impedance, the more electrical energy is required to drive the headsets tiny speakers.

Found that on a website, makes sense.
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The 150 Ohm is a typo or mistake afaik. To the best of my knowledge there has only been a 120 Ohm version and a 50 Ohm version. The 120 Ohm version production stopped a couple years ago (apparently due to fire at the factory) and since then everything has been 50 Ohm. Generally the lower the impedance the easier to drive but this, like everything else, has exceptions. In this case though it should hold true.


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