Seattle Summer Meet - July 26 Impressions
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For Furutech and Kimber Kable? OK, when did they start selling that? Or the 16AWG silver plated copper? Sergio you are slippin'
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Originally Posted by WittyzTH /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Oops.. I forgot to mention.. sorry about bad quality pics. I just brought two lens and most of them were taken by the ultra wide. So you may see some of us have a weird head shape.

I think you did a great job! Loving the contrast and balance. Given all the equipment there I wish I brought my DSLR as well.
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Better bad pictures than no pictures at all. There better than anything I would have done.
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WittyTH posted some awesome pictures of the meet and so did curbfeeler. Where are the other camera's posted at? There where a few there!
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Vimeo has an upload restriction of 1GB per file. Depending on compression settings you can stretch to a little over 12 minutes per file or more if you compress more.
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I forgot to ask MarkJ something about the trade-in program for the cable in some stores. He did mention once at the meet but I totally forgot where is it. Anybody can catch his words about this?
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I'm so damn mad i missed the meet
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Hey how was that SPL amp ( i think it's an amp...)??? It looks really cool. Whoever brought it needs to bring it to the October meet so I can see it hahaha.
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Hey Ub3rMario, Markj has one of the coolest setups with the SPL, HD 800's and I think he still has the AKG 701's with a Sony source. You have missed a couple meets. Man there is so much new gear now.
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Nice meet guys!! Any news on the new Headcode and Valvecode amps?
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Lavry uploads going right now - the youtube converter sucks thou, turned the video to crap. If anyone wants a DVD, I'm going to make a stack for the next meet up and just hand them out - looks great this way, plus i'll clean the audio a bit.

The files I've uploaded to youtube were 720p h.264 high profile in 10min segments. When it's complete processing I'll post links.
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Thanks sir, Ill look forward to seeing it again.
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Actually - after the processing is completed, it looks pretty good. Let me know what you guys think - feel free to apply some directx audio filtering to take some of the background noise down if you like, I didn't screw with it because not all people like post processing effects.

YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part1
YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part2
YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part3
YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part4
YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part5
YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part6
YouTube - Dan Lavry - digital audio , part7

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