searching for super melodic black metal (dimmu borgir style)
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Sacramentum - far away from the sun.
OP will definitely hate this release though.

Finally got the chance to listen to some of this. Wow, excellent recommendation! Thanks.
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Good to hear PWilson. Check out their subsequent two full-lengths. Not as good as their debut though, which holds more spirit and artistry in 1 song than a great majority of 'black' metal bands.
This band is no longer.
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I'll definitely check out more of their discography. I always like to see where a band came from, and what they become (well, actually I generally don't like seeing what they become...). It's very often the case though that the debut is such concentrated passion, and it's hard to match it with subsequent albums.

Someone else on a site mentioned Dawn next to Sacrementum, so I'll try and listen to them as well.
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It's not "super melodic", but maybe try Watain's Sworn to the Dark?

I also can't stop shouting about Wolves in the Throne Room. It's not exactly troo kvlt black metal, but then again neither is Dimmu. There's a lot going on in any given WITTR song. Check out Two Hunters or Diadem of 12 Stars.
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WITTR is definitely not what the OP is after.

I've only heard Two Hunters to date, and I'm definitely a fan. They're on the list to explore further.
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Originally Posted by PWilson /img/forum/go_quote.gif
WITTR is definitely not what the OP is after.

I've only heard Two Hunters to date, and I'm definitely a fan. They're on the list to explore further.

I think that Two Hunters is their strongest work. I really enjoyed Malevolent Grain and Black Cascade as well, but 2H is the best. Diadem of 12 Stars was a great start, but they have definitely moved beyond it.
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thanks for the recommendations. from my experience so far, most death metal albums i heard were melodic and most black metal were i don't understand.

It depends on black metal, some are less melodic than others but usually it has a melody of some kind. The whole sound composes a melody of sorts, and even the dirty production adds a piece to this atmospheric melody, where original death metal is more straight forward aggressive riffing in Thrash metal style. Melodic side came later, but even that is different from the black metal way. Black Metal that uses a lot of fast tremolo riffing is usually incredibly melodic stuff, even without keyboards.

Good and easy example how of blackmetal produces a melody is Dark Funeral - Apprentice Of Satan, EP version. Especially the simple chorus riff at 2:38 gives me goose bumps every time. Another good one is Satyricon - Mother North.

YouTube - Dark Funeral - An Apprentice Of Satan
YouTube - Satyricon - Mother North

Quite different from Dimmu, no? Very melodic and very little keyboards. (dark funeral has none)
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thanks for all of this maza, i will check those. In rgw meantime, from my research so far, i decided to get two albums: catamenia-" location:cold"
and agathodaimon- "serpernt's embrace".
these are very straight farward melodic albums but still got the black metal's
xtreme motives.

I personally prefer straight farward melodies (like in melodic death metal) to symphonic melodies like dimmu borgir (their last couple of albums).

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