Save me from Bose!
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Jul 1, 2009

I'm currently using Bose On-Ear Headphones with my MacBook Pro (no amp), and I want to move up to something better. I listen to mostly groups like Coldplay, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Jack Johnson, etc. I'd like to spend under $200, but if there's something irresistible, I could go over. Also, I'd like to keep things relatively simple and use just headphones directly with my laptop. I've been doing loads of reading, but there are just so many options, I'm having a lot of trouble narrowing them down. Thanks in advance!
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Im thinking headphones as he is currently using them? Since the boses you have are NC(noise canceling) i think, if you would like some NC ones, denon, sony and sennheiser make pretty good ones.
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Welcome to Head-Fi. I started out with Bose On-Ears myself. Just one question first, are you intending to you use these as portable headphones (which the Bose On-Ears are designed to be) or just for indoor use? I ask this because sound isolation can be a consideration, particularly if you are planning on wearing these on public transport, in a library or an office.
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sounds like you like rock...if so, no other phone better for rock than Grado's. i say start off with SR60's and if you like what you hear you can always upgrade.

i'll also recommend to save up and get a portable dac/amp to go with your laptop in the future.
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As you can tell by the posts you have received so far - you need to provide us much more information before you can get consistent advice. How will you be using these 'phones - at home or mobile, and will you be in a noisy environment? Are you worried about any leaking sound bugging those around you? Do you prefer buds, in-canal, in-ear, clip-on, folding/portable, on-ear or over-ear? Lots of variables - help us help you!
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Originally Posted by gameboy115 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Even I never heard Bose, I always wonder why people always think Bose as a piece of trash?

Grab you favorite stock earbuds and an amp with tone controls. Wind the bass up and the treble down.

x2 on the Grado's SR-60 or SR-80 would be a great starting point.

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