SA6, Q-Jays or UE 700?
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Sep 17, 2009
I've been looking for a good set of IEMs in the $150-200 range, and thanks to Head-Fi I've managed to narrow it down to these three.

So a two-parter: how do they stack up in terms of sound quality and sound stage (I mainly listen to indie/alternative music, but I mix in a bit of everything), and how are they on the build-quality front (particularly the SA6 2009 edition)?

Thanks in advance.
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I've had the UE 700's for about a month now and they sound crystal clear. More specifically the mids and highs are brilliant, perfect for classical music which I listen to. They are a little light on bass tho, when I listen to rock I kinda wish there was more "thump" in them. There is enough to satisfy me though, and the incredible clarity and fit. (I can barely notice them in my ears) I can highly recommend them if you are wiling to spend the money.
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Originally Posted by PB-Snipes /img/forum/go_quote.gif
how are they on the build-quality front (particularly the SA6 2009 edition)?

I can only comment on this part of your post. I had both cable and driver problems with the SA6 prior to the updates. Since the new shells and cables came out, I have had zero issues. I think they are much higher quality phones now. I also think they sound great, but I can't compare them to the other phones you list.

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