rockbox on the zvm
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May 10, 2007
i just want to let guys know that rockbox is coming soon,
the people at rockbox forums where able to launch it

here are 2 youtube video's
YouTube - Rockbox On The ZVM
YouTube - Rockbox On The ZVM 2
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Wow, they finally did it huh?

I guess someone reversed engineered the firmware finally.

Looks like they have to crack it open though and read the microdrive itself.
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I´ve never Rockboxed anything, is it just a Firmware that i can Upgrade or I need to modify anything?
I´ve bumped into the rockbox site a few days ago, they were talking about ZVM and its internals, but there was nothing conclusive there...
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Yay, i rockboxed my old 5gb Olympus MR100 Mrobe, and like it, but not the interface, i guess i got acustomed to a colour screen.

Looking foward to it, the Zen is great, and so is Rockbox! I have modded the themes on the Zen Vision M, but this should make it easier too!

Just when i was trying to trade it for an 8gb D2 though, and buying a 16gb SD. Decisions.

I wonder if it will reduce hiss? My ZVM hisses loads with music off with my extremley sensetive LW's but with music on quietly i can hear it, eg. in bed.

EDIT: Anyone following the thread, when a fully working version is out, without the dissassembly, flash card, format on hdd from byte 0x3200200 etc. Just like the simple install on the other players, could you kindly PM me?


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Originally Posted by Vinny /img/forum/go_quote.gif
So why has it taken them soooo long to crack the firmware on the ZVM while it just seems they can crack all other players with ease ?.

no idea but if you can faster go ahead, no one is holding you back to do it...
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Originally Posted by onyu /img/forum/go_quote.gif
no idea but if you can faster go ahead, no one is holding you back to do it...

Well if I had any bloody idea what they were talking about on the Rockbox forum then I would.

Unfortunately I aint that technical minded.

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