Right esrphone of my UM1's producing no sound
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Dec 20, 2006
Hi, I bought a pair of Um1 from Marcopolo on March 2 2007. I still have my recipt and it has a 1 yr warranty. Last night I tried to listen to my ipod and the right earphone produced no sound whatsoever. Today morning its cleared up a bit but it makes a really unpleasant jarring noise.
How do I fix this ?
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They could be clogged with wax or the cable could be messed up. I'm not sure of the best way to take care of wax in the UMs since they don't use filters like a lot of others. Apparently they have a wax cleaning loop, but if you don't have that then I'm not sure what would work. I would be surprised if it wasn't wax or the cable, I haven't seen many IEM drivers mess up.
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I had the "no sound" phenomena on my ER-6 after not using them for quite a while. In that case it was one of the filters which was clogged. I do hope Jon118 is right and your one is just clogged with wax.
This is a guess but the material of the UM1 looks transparent on the pictures.
Can you make out any wax that could block the sound?
Maybe you can try getting it out carefully by using a thin wire or a very fine needle. Just be extremely-really-very careful not to prod too deep into the unit to damage the drivers.
Maybe there is something liquid in the way that has dried off a bit overnight instead of earwax.

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