Replacement options for ie80!
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Jul 11, 2011
Hi all,

I've run IE8's then IE80's for a long time now. I need to get a new pair of phones as I just lost these.

I value imaging as the biggest priority. Love an expansive soundstage. Ideally don't want a sharp treble (balanced / clean is fine). I'm not a bass head and I think the IE's are probably a bit overblown.

Detachable cables are a must as I travel daily with these and I have broken a few over the years.

Budget up to £500 (let me know if there's something slightly more expensive that is really good).

Thanks, Tim
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Is iso something u really need?

if not:

get the ex1k

IMO biggest soundstage on iem

if thats treble is too for for you try the ex800st/mh7550

beside that ety er4xr is a great sounding iem but soundstage is not as big but atleast everything doesn't sound like they are behind a wall like ie80/ie8.

but deep insert tho dunno if u are ready or comfortable with that

if u don't mind the lack of punchy bass moondrop blessing is a good option.

try them first and see if u like em

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