Question to AD2000 owners with Stax cans
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Nov 12, 2004
How does the ad2k stack up against the 303? very curious since i noticed that one can get a system with amp for 899. Very juicy stuff
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
slap in an r10 in the comparison, how would the stax 303s fare for example

Someone compared a beginner stax headphone/driver system against the R10 on the B52.. & he said the R10/B52 combo was better overall.. But the R10 couldn't match the speed of the Electrostat.. Since the 3050 is a noticeable upgrade over the headphone/driver used in the comparison, I'm sure the 3050 will do more things better then the R10/B52 combo.. For a much smaller price.. 899.00 VS 12,000..
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Its insane! why didn't I ever think of trying stax first. It just seemed like a name that was bad for the wallet. Now if one is eyeing the r10 combos, stax is ridiculously cheap in comparison. hmmm
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I Love Detail Fast Speed plus a liquid midrange. no dryness. Thats what seems to happen with detailed dynamic cans maybe except for the r10 which I havent heard. My ad2ks just eeks at my minimum liquidity level
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How would the AD2000 compare to a SRS-303 classic? The SRS-303 would be powered by a srm-313.
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I can't do a direct comparison with the cans discussed (see sig, though spent decent time with AD2K), but since we've already left that requirement
I'll just say my dynamics are only getting about 25% of the listening time lately. That said there is still some Rock, etc. that I prefer on the dynamic side. Everyone should be cautioned a bit as there does feel a little FOTM going on, but I'm certainly digging the electrostatics.
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Just wondering blessingx... What did you think of the ad2000s so that I can understand your sonic tastes. I know you like senns which I also do.
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I was not a fan of the AD2Ks at first listen, because of my gear at the time and preferring a darker sound. That all changed when I heard them at a meet. The W5Ks are currently my favorite dynamic cans, and I only chose them over the AD2Ks because I needed closed. And those two share enough characteristics that I couldn't justify owning both.

I tend to be pretty accepting of a phones sound if I feel there's balance within its sound. That probably sounds ridiculous to someone that disagrees with on specific cans (say the Sonys or Grados), but I don't think the AD2K/W5K and HD580/6x0 share a lot in common and I like them both. My personal sonic tastes have changed over time and I think like many here synergy plays a big part. I think ATs can sound bright and certainly treble focused losing the low end, cold and even a bit analytical (though with the much repeated flavor that keeps them from ever being unexciting). That can change with the right fit and amp (and especially tube) combination.

You mentioned liquid midrange was important to you and that the ATs barely squeaked by there. I can understand that. Then again I heard someones (forgot members name) Ampex (I think) reel to reel/Zana Deux/AD2K setup and I doubt anyone would fault that there. As for the STAX, is it possible to have a textured, liquid midrange? If so maybe it's here.

There's been a little time since I posted last. It may be that I'm still in my electrostatic honeymoon, but they're getting almost all my time. I have a srm-007t amp on loan and it may finish off my last reservations of hard-hitting music with STAX (which I had with srm-1/mk2 with my phones or the Omega IIs with lower STAX amps).

I wonder if I didn't get some of my gear at decent prices used, if I'd just go with srm-007t-Lambda Pros for everything. I don't have enough experience with other STAX (or other manufacturers electrostatic) gear to comment larger though.

And I have to warn all those considering (especially with recent surge of electrostatic threads/commentary) that these may be too polite for some. Sennheisers, for instance, can have great impact with some gear, but to many they will never be as exciting as Grados. Electrostatics may never be dynamics.

For me, with audio gear (and to a certain extent recordings), I'll always choose hearing something over feeling it. This is a common conversation and hits genre choice, live performance preferences, etc. If dynamics generally are a rock concert, electrostatics (as far as I can tell) are a jazz club. Everything sounds so right and within it's world it's quite beautiful.
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about the textured liquid midrange... hmmm i guess that would mean a seamless sounding can without any notes popping out so that one can hear how everything melts together. If some sounds mask others, it can feel dry if the mids feel like its missing detail. hmm I dont know how i can explain it, ex. if a can is very punchy and its punch masks some midrange then i feel it less liquid and seamless. Maybe I'm not describing liquid correctly. Sometimes it could mean almost as if the sound is smudged together. Example of a decently liquid sounding can that have texture is the hd595s while the shure e4c for example is liquid in a smudged/non- textured way.
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Well I have similar issues with description of liquidity. I can jump to the visual arts and contrast photo-realistic painting to photography (the former has the same level of specific information, but often greater relationships), but that may take things further off-base. Certainly, I'm not advocating less information being conveyed, but there are phones that place a trait above all other concerns and maybe in the end this really comes down to separate definitions of texture v. detail (which becomes further diluted in the midrange and I hold off brining in resolution). You're very close to what I mean when you mentioned nothing 'sticking out'. Lets just say as someone who passionately hates the SA5Ks, but loves the Etys, I just want balance within a piece of gears presentation. Make me believe in its world even if it's off on one or two specifics. It's not sexy to say, but I love the Senns for what they don't do wrong for instance. I can live with that. The STAXs are that... plus.

EDIT: I just reread the above and boy is it awful. Anyway, hope it can be of some use even at my expense.

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