Proline 750s IN THE HOUSE: impressions
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Dec 14, 2006
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straight out of the box, i'm impressed. coming from the dt990, the bass is a bit better, it's "bigger" sounds more speaker-like. and yes i already notice the s-logic effect. it's subtle but i like the soundstage this pulls off, although it's more compressed and congested compared to the dt990.

excellent headphone overall, thanks to all who recommended these.

also...the deep bass seems to extend down forever, good stuff.

every headphone you try, there's something you notice first about it, with the beyers it was the piercing treble (which i disliked, and always eq'ed down), with these it's the beautiful wowed me. i don't think it can get much better than this in a headphone, i'd be surprised to find something that could do bass better, although at this point they sound a bit boomy on bass-heavy songs.

edit: i'd like to thank sovkiller, captian73, and maza for helping me give an idea of the proline sound and give comparisons to other phones as well as answering pm's.
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i'm growing into these more and more as i listen.
compared to the dt990s, i'm hearing more detail, more circular (albeit smaller) soundstage, deeper and a bit more textured bass, smoother highs, more prominent midrange, almost the same comfort (for me)...what's left...
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do you have the new style ones as well?

eric b
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no i don't. doesn't matter to me, i don't like the headband logo/font of the new one, but the new earcups look better.

it looks like you're the first one to get the new ones btw.
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I like my new ultrasones too! I was looking for a pair of 750's, but i ended up getting the 2500's. I also dont need to EQ them to get the sound i enjoy.
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Sounds great Shahrose, congrats. I wonder how they compare to the 650s I bought recently (isn't there always that nagging thought in your mind though, what if I spent more money!?).

My 650s were too bass heavy for my liking at first, but they seem to have levelled out a lot through burn-in. I think I actually grew accustomed to it as well, because I've switched on my bass boost on my Creative Zen with my Shure SE210 IEMs! I would have never done that before!

The bass is by far the best feature of Ultrasones. I love how deep it goes, and how it sounds very separate from the rest of the instruments.

I'm afraid to say I haven't noticed the S-Logic effect too much - maybe it's more obvious with the 750s - but then I've never had any other over-ear cans to compare them to.
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that reminds me, i must do a "Proline 750's, a year on" review. I still love mine, and still take them to life drawing classes, to take me mind off the naked people i have to draw. on occasion, i've taken these to town. i don't care if i look a total twit, it's better than having those standard buds.
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yea i would have liked to see a comparison between the hd650s and pl750s as well. i'm very surprised to see some of these posts where ppl have said the pl750s suck compared to the hd650, i find that really hard to believe.
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Originally Posted by Shahrose /img/forum/go_quote.gif
yea i would have liked to see a comparison between the hd650s and pl750s as well. i'm very surprised to see some of these posts where ppl have said the pl750s suck compared to the hd650, i find that really hard to believe. i think i might have to start discounting those over the top impressions since i don't think they're very accurate.

Actually, he meant the Ultrasone Proline 650's.
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ah makes sense. well i'm sure you'll eventually end up with the pl750 gorkle
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Ahhhh, now you make me want them even more.

I don't hate the piercing treble of the DT990, but I'm always in search of something better. I also need a closed can because I've been without one since I sold my DT770s.

Sounds like a good purchase, congrats.
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also want to mention that even though i find the proline 750s to have a much more pleasing tonal balance than the dt990s, once you eq the 990s a bit to tame that treble, they sound more natural than the pl750. the only place where there really is no contest is deep bass, the pl750s win. actually, the pl750 also have much tighter bass and a bit more bass texture. most ppl will also find the dt990 more comfy, the velour pads are like pillows compared to the pl750s. the soundstage of the 750s is more around the head, the dt990s is more front, right and left (and bigger since it's an open can). i really can't sell either, now i have an open and closed can, both of which have qualities of their own that i like.

thx denver, i feel i made a good purchase since needed a closed can in my setup.
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Congrats! PL750 is a really fine can in its own way, and especially the bass quality, strong and realistic but non invasive.
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thanks maza. i'm a bit surprised how headroom could be that wrong in their review. how can i trust their reviews anymore when they call some of the tightest bass i've heard "boomy." they call the high end peaky but they don't say anything about the much much brighter dt990s? what were they listening to?

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