power amp for old speaker set recommendations.
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Jul 29, 2004
Hey all,

I need some advice on what would be a good course of action. My uncle gave me these old marantz floor speakers that are similar in size to those found at small concerts. Anyway, it also comes with a receiver model pm170av and I would like to replace the receiver with a poweramp instead or something else that will only power the speakers and nothing else. The reason is because I have a Central Station that is doing all the volume controlling and source routing.

I dont need it to be super good or anything since this speaker setup is really just for fun listening when i dont want to use my HD600's so something semi cheapie would suffice... a few hundred at most. I dont know how good my ears are but the sound coming out of these speakers is pretty neutral to me because of its size it really makes it seem like the sound is coming from the entire wall which is fantastic.

before i continue rambling i'm going to stop here w/ my story.

Let me know what you all come up with.
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OMG now thats interesting... anybody have anymore info on what i'm supposed to do to separate the poweramp on it?
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nevermind... i saw the pins and yanked them out... pretty cool... but now its scary cuz i need to be careful not to accidentally turn the volume up too much on the central station.

Thanks Budgie.
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