Please help me out of Sennheiser HD595
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Sep 19, 2007
Bonjour à tous,

I have the chance to go to Taiwan and HongKong and want to buy new headphones.
I 'll be using them with a Little-Dot MKIVse, wich should let me drive most of the cans.My musical taste are: classical at 98%
So far I have been using HD 595, those are not my taste
the confort is an issue since there is too much pressure on the ears, but the main point is the sound and to be more precise the presentation of the music:
veiled, laid back almost irritating, in french we will say "tendre l'oreille" to tend towards (asking an effort)
I understood that it's the Senheiser sound signature am I right ?, and therefore don't need to consider Hd600 and 650 ?
What do you advise to look at, I want a more forward presentation of the sound, precise without a cold analytical feeling, a big sounstage and I could use a bit more bass than in the HD595(more tigh and impactfull).
Is it a mission impossible ?
Thank you in advance for your input.
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Buy yourself Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro's. I owned the HD595's for over a year and finally sold them. Now I have a pair of the HD600's at home, borrowed from my friend, And these headphones sound like something defective when compared to the Beyerdynamics.
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If the 595 was to veiled the sennheisers are not for you, you should go down the beyerdynamic, Grado, Audio-technica road. Strange about the comfort though, the 595 was one of the most comfortable headphone I have owned, maybe beyer was in the same league or slightly better. Compared to 595 the hd650 would crush your skull.
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I would not rule out the HD600. To me, its sound signature is nothing like the HD595. Others might disagree, but I find the HD595 a bit "mushy" compared to the HD600, which gives a more crisp and clean presentation. (Of couse, it must be amped properly.) The HD600 and AKG k701 are my two favorite headphones for classical music. They offer different presentations, but both are excellent. If there is any way you can listen to both, I would highly recommend it.

Good luck!
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Some words of advice. The K701 is not cheaper in Taiwan!!! I just come from that part of the world and compared the prices. After converting from Taiwanese NT to EURO, you won't be better off.
The Hong Kong market is a dangerous one. It is not easy to tell fake from the real thing.
I know a company in the US who is far cheaper than anyone in Europe. A K701 delivered is about 225 EURO. PM me when you get back from the FE if you haven't managed to find the K701 cheaper.
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if you have a good amp - hd595 is very/very good - if you don`t have - is still a good headphone .

if you listen at low volume dt880 pro - at hi-volume k701 .

the best for movies dt880pro .
k701 is hard to drive and not so comfortable .
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To kappa_ii, I'm not saying hd 595 is not a good headphone and I do beleive I have it properly amped(Little-Dot MKIVse)
It's simply not my taste.

To Jackson99, I look forward to isten to as much as I can, and after reading so much on head-fi, it will be a crime not to try
sen 600, 650

To Herandu, I'll PM you right away

Thanks a lot again

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