picking between headphones for gaming
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Ok i was talking to a freind, and basically he is a hardcore gamer lol. he was saying pick betweeen these headphones.

Audio Technica AD-700

Icemat Siberia

Sennheiser HD55

How open are these headphones? I know i want closed headphones, but any1 that has these, how open are they? Thanks!
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The AD700's leak a ton of sound, so if that is an issue I would look elsewhere.
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i understand that. but anyone that has any of these, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being basically closed and 10 being so open your neighbors can hear it, what would you rate them?
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My AD700s are on my desk right now playing at moderate-high volume. If I leave my bedroom door wide open and walk to the living room(15 meters away or so), I will still be able to hear them. Even with the TV playing at low volume I will still hear them in the background sometimes. Nothing closing the door can't fix though.

People in the same room as you will definitely hear them, unless they have their own pair of headphones hehe.
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any other inputs you guys? the more the better
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I had some 5.1 gaming headsets...and meh. The best was the Turtle Beach HPA2's by far...the LTB magnum's were horrid. If you have an X-Fi, just use cmms3d and set windws sound and your game to 5.1, and the x-fi to headphone or 2.1. The TB's were decent, but are no competition for my cheap JVC's that were less than half the price from the same x-fi. Though some headsets are just emulated similar to what I'm doing, the new Razer Megalodons (waay overpriced, new review over at TPU showed much dissapointment), Plantronics gamecom 777's, Logitech G35's all use emulation similar to what I'm doing via my X-Fi. Sound card emulation works very well on headphones, my JVC's are closed back, but the soundstage still blows away any gaming headset I've heard, but would be smacked down soundstage-wise by the AD700's I'm sure. But isolation, minimal sound leakage and the extra bass from closed back make for an enjoyable experience none-the-less.

If you reall gotta have 5.1, do it via emulation man, true 5.1 headsets are very expensive, finicky and just not up to par. I loved my HPA2's for years...till I found the JVC HARX700's...then I wondered why the hell I spent so much money on gaming headsets.

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Originally Posted by cobija /img/forum/go_quote.gif
i keep getting confused sorry haha. I want over the ear sorry. isnt over the ear circumanal or something? yeah not on-ear, but over the ear (covering)

now that's a new headphone type I never heard about.
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i'll say it again Sennheiser HD212 for gaming, they sounded good out of my onboard soundcard and worked excellent for gaming.
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Originally Posted by Graphicism /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Over a week ago I told you RX700 and a gaming card, under a $100 and you would have it by now... stop thinking about it and buy it already!

+1 the man isn't lying on this one! It's definately a great place to start and not spend an arm and a leg for damn good sound!

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