Paypal alternatives for classifieds?
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Mar 24, 2010
I want to sell a few of my old headphones, but I suspect I'm going to have to just use my local platforms because I don't see any mention of Paypal alternatives on here.

Did I miss it or do they really have an effective monopoly?

In Sweden (where I live) there's at least two different independent payment services with some built in security in addition to the local platforms with built in security...
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The rules technically don't require PayPal, they only require that you use protected payment methods, i.e. methods with a dispute process, rather than unprotected methods that just transfer cash with no mechanism to dispute if the transaction isn't fulfilled.

I think your bigger issue is getting people to trust another method they may be unfamiliar with, even if you're technically allowed to use it here.
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Like @HipHopScribe mentioned, we do not require the use of PayPal for transactions. What we require to buy and sell on Head-Fi Classifieds is a payment method which offers a level of protection to both the buyer and seller. PayPal Goods & Services happens to be the more readily available option in many regions of the world, but it is not the only one. If there are any payment services which you know of that offer protections to both parties, please feel free to PM the moderators and we can review their service terms.

Examples of services that offer a level of protection to both buyer and seller:
PayPal Goods & Services
Venmo's Purchase Protection

Examples of services that offer a level of protection to only one party:
Bank transfer
Money wire
PayPal Friends & Family
Venmo Send & Receive

Using unprotected payment methods can and does result in losing access to Head-Fi Classifieds.
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Well, I just now saw that the Swedish independent(?) safe alternative I knew about is pausing their services indefinitely...

So only Paypal and Venmo? Oligopoly instead of monopoly, but still quite dire and depressing situation.
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Neither list above is comprehensive. They are shared as examples of payment services which are and are not permitted. If you know of additional payment providers that offer protections to both parties in an exchange, the moderators will be happy to look over their terms of service to confirm if it can be used for purchases and sales on Head-Fi Classifieds.

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