Open/crisp (?) IEMs sub-$120?
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Nov 16, 2008
Hi gang,
So, I was hoping people could help me identify some IEMs to buy (as I lost my Denons).  There is a particular sound I am looking for, but I'm not entirely sure how to describe it.  I want it to sound "open," "sharp," "crisp," or "clear"; or something like that.  I also DON'T want it to sound "fuzzy" or "warm."  I'm not sure if I'm using these terms correctly.  I think I want them to sound like I'm in an empty theatre and the highs are really defined/sharp.  And things like high notes on a guitar or a cymbal sound sharp.  (I don't listen to rock generally, but it seems like that is a good way to describe it.)  Is this a style?  Does any of this make sense?
If all of the above is nonsensical, any recommendations are fine (including to buy another pair of Denon C551Ks.
Thanks in advance for reading through the incoherence above!
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For details in the highs, I think something like the Etymotic HF5 will work for you, though I'm not totally sure if that's what you were looking for. You could also look into the JVC FXT90s, which come out to slightly above your budget when shipping is added, but will give you more of a "fun" sound, due to a boosted bass response relative to the HF5s.
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Aside from really bass heavy music, I think the HF5 are the best of the best for IEMs in this price range. Highly recommend them.

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