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While I have no problem with the cable of my Images as such, the whole idea of something replaceable sounds pretty good to me.
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i have the x10's and even tho i have not seen any tears or rips in the cables, i still would prefer a better quality cable. the one is has right now seems kinda thin and fragile so im extra careful with it.
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I have the X5s and love them. No problems whatsoever.
That said, who wouldn't want a detachable cable, if it's doable?
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Originally Posted by Hatmann /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have the X5s and love them. No problems whatsoever.
That said, who wouldn't want a detachable cable, if it's doable?

What Hatmann said
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I'm just saying, they should make these headphones with detachable cables at least. The Image's are of course hard to do so because of size, but custom series should have detachable cables, lets hope some klipsch employees are reading this.
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okay, custom 3s been back a little while now from a warranty replacement and you know i havent taken them out of the house once yet. the cable is sooooo rigid i cant help but think it will just kink and get damaged.

does any one do replacement cables for them?
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While I love the sound quality and overall comfort of my X10's, they seem very, very fragile. I only listen to them in an office environment, so I'm not too worried about damaging them. When not in use I store them very carefully with my iPod in the supplied Klipsch case. There is no way I'd use these phones at the gym, outdoors, etc. I know that everyone rips on the Bose TriPort headphones, but I really like the cable that comes with them - not too thick, not too thin, and not coated in fabric. I might actually use them more if I can fit my Klipsch gels on them (for instances when I'm not listening at my office). I know that people don't like the Shure cords either, but with my limited time with my SE210's I found the cord to be quite nice (again, for indoor office use only).
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The cable was OK on my C3's, but more importantly the durability of the stress relief/jack needs to be worked on. Mine failed after 4 months of careful use, good thing it was replaced by the distro.

I recently sold my C3's due to further durability concerns, moving on to the Senn IE7/8. If Klipsch makes improvements on the durability of their products, I might consider buying them again in the future.
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My first X10 cable is unbelievably durable - they some daus ago !sic fell on the metrostation escalator (moving stairs). (they fell out of my pocket and i almost lost them)
when I returned I tried for few minutes to pull them out of that devil mashine, but was able to do so after theengeneer stopped it. And i found only depp scratches on the cord body - the metal wire was ok! I think tha I can kill smbdy with such a cord lol.
The second X10 pair with new cord- the cord is Very Soft.
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I just got my C2s yesterday and I can't believe how loud this cord is. Any small movement of my head sends a rubbing noise up the cable. The woven cable is alright - seems really stiff and still has kinks from being in the box, is also a bit shorter than I had expected. While wearing them, I can just barely put my mp3 player in my pocket. The microphonics issue is horrendous though - did the engineers listen to these before shipping them? My E3cs used rubber cabling and had almost no microphonics.
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The C2's cable goes over your ear right? If so your only option is foam tips. With my X5 putting the cable over my ear and foam tips virtually eliminate cable microphonics. I have been using Comply tips but I'm going to order some small Shure tips to see if they work. The medium tips are a little too big and uncomfortable.

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