Ok guys what upgrade next :-)
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Jul 11, 2011
Here's my current set up....
Ipod  Nano 8gb newest version
Grado RS2 with the plug ends, older style
Senn IE8's with pure silver cable upgrade
CMOYBB amp with line out cable from Nano do drive the Grado's
Sansa Clip+
IPad 2. 64gb
I think the weak point could be the Nano? I use my IE8's most and was thinking about a Cowon I9 I don't need a video solution and a smallish portable is desirable. Ultimately I'm after sound quality too.
What would you do for under £150?
Many thanks, Tim
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How about a portable amp? You're pretty much set for life when it comes to portable sources. I don't think you need a portable amp, but your rig seems clearly focused on the outside, so that's the only thing I could see you upgrade. Maybe an E7 strapped to the Clip+?
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Thanks Lizard, I use the IE8's for portable. The CMOY is portable but I never considered an amp with them, is this your recommendation? The Grado's are for home as they leak too much sound.
Cheers, Tim

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