NJB3 radio recording quality
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Feb 28, 2002
wonder if radio recording can record at least up to 128kbps

also, what about the line-in [128kbps also?]

cos i intend to use it to record my fav radio programs

iriver ifp-300 series can record up to 320kbps, but it's price is a bit too high for me
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Hi Evo

I'm also very interested in an answer about the sound quality of the recordings. But as far as I know, the NJB3 is also able to record up to 320 kbps. I hope that helps a little. If not it can record the wav-format, so you can change it into high-quality MP3's on your computer. For more info's: www.normadworld.com and especially www.dapreview.com. I think it is the side of Austonia. Maybe he can come in and give us some info's about the recording quality ?


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Hi Guys

I have the remote/tuner for the NJB3 and can tell you that you can record off FM at 64K MP3. There don't appear to be any other options.

The sound quality of the recordings is not that bad considering the low bitrate but I wouldn't rate them that highly.

The tuner is excellent for a portable device - definitely better than the tuner on the SlimX player.

As for the line inputs, you can record in MP3 up to 320K and WAV at up to 48K uncompressed. I have briefly tried the optical input from my Pioneer PD8700 CD player and found it to be as good as Mini Disc to all intents and purposes.

The optical input will only record WAV at 44.1 Khz as this is the frequency of CD.

I hope this helps.
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thanx for the replies

i'm pondering over this becos there's a big creative warehouse sale going on in singapore

refurbished NJB3 selling for low price of S$249

may get the radio remote too, though i'd have to pay retail price on that [not sure how much it costs over here]

but there's another such sale coming up in sep

decisions, decisions...
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I allready have one. I used to sell them on eBay even, I imported about 20 from Canada

My last FM remote is on eBay now since I never use it, but I can play with it while I still have it.
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just came back from the sale [last day]

the refurbished NJB3 was sold out when i reached there

so in the end the decision was made up for me

i managed to find out that the fm remote costs S$116 [sale price]

anyway, i saw a catalogue showing that the NJB3 was the only one in the current nomad family to offer both line-in and line-out

that sort of settled it for me then

i'll wait till the sep sale to get the NJB3....

and get there early on the first day
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Hmm Evo, as a fellow singaporean I highly doubt you'll be able to lay your hands on a Jukebox3 if they offer it at the next warehouse sale unless you are prepared to queue up overnight for it, since it's a serious bargain at that price. Anyways, dapreview.com is partly run by Austonia I believe, a great site for hdd mp3 jukeboxes which are the kind I like.

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