New UltimateEars Super.Fi 5 ??
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On this same forum page:

That said, a simple look at the specs and the pics out there (most on ultimate ears site) would have highlighted that it's a single driver product without repaceable cables, ergo, I have *no* idea why they opted to go with the name they did. It's just going to create confusion in the consumers. Presumably, it should measure up somewhere both in sound quality and price between the SF3 & SF5pro, but who knows.
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Ah ok sorry, I did have a quick look before posting but didnt see the thread.
It also seems very pointless to me. Does this mean they will they stop producing the originals?
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Originally Posted by 1012007 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Does this mean they will they stop producing the originals?

How would you infer that? The whole point is that it's not a "pro" version with removable cables and dual drivers for more dedicated bass response. It's just a 3 with a better single armature and, based on the pictures, a better ergonomic design. If anything is in danger of being on the chopping block, it's the SF3, but their website seems to indicate that they'll keep selling all of them. These things are mass produced in China so it's not like it costs them anything to have 3 or 30 different models, just a matter of convincing retailers to carry them, but since they do a large amount of their business online, even that's not much of an issue.

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