new owner SE530. (subtitle: what took me so long)
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So my Ety 4P cable shorts out (after 5 solid years, not complaining); perfect excuse to see what's what. My fallback plan was to just recable the 4P's, probably with Apure.

So I order the Q Jays when they finally get stock, and I like em a lot (previously posted). "Ety's with bass," as they say. tad harsh.

But I always wanted to hear the higher end Shures. I had thought (incorrectly) that they had the same rap as Bose in the highly-advertised/altered sound category. Enter the 20% off at Earphonesolutions and newly flush PayPal account from prior sales....well you know the rest.

All I can say so far is OMG

I guess the commonly used word "lush" comes to mind, but I like analytical, but I really like what I am hearing. Separation, soundstage, presence all smoothly presented with definition though. And like real estate, the 3 most outstanding characteristics of the 530s are: musical, musical, and musical.

Basically, I popped them in with the pre-mounted olives (medium, i assume) and just could not take them out. That kinda says it all. Great fit and comfort too, without even going to the Ety-like tri-flanges. Just a very high fun factor for me.

So anyhow, maybe I was just naive about what $400 could buy....and of course comparing to my frame of reference in the sub $200 range...maybe that's unfair. What did I expect? I actually expected to be disappointed and eat the 15% re-stocking fee. Instead, the Q-Jays will go on the block very soon. As may my TomaHawk, as the SE530 could not get any better...or could they..................

So thanks to everyone with the SE530 raves. Add me to the list. Oh..and I got the PTH, purely for home point carrying it around commuting for me. I thought it was going to be gimmicky at best, and at worst, degrade the SQ by just being plugged inline, but again....positive surprise. PTH useful and works well.
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I haven't yet tried my cryo dock into the Tomahawk, but i will for shure (yeah yeah i know!)
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Originally Posted by Robster1958
All I can say so far is OMG

I believe that would be a OMG!

I am totally with you on this one. The SE530s are just terrific straight out of the iPod 5.5 headphone jack, and even better with the RSA Hornet or one of thrice's Mini ^3s
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Originally Posted by Robster1958 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I haven't yet tried my cryo dock into the Tomahawk, but i will for shure (yeah yeah i know!)

I think you are in for a nice surprise when you do !!!!!!! I use my hornet with mine. I lived without it for a while when I went on vacation and even put it up for sale, then I plugged it in again and pulled it off the market.
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I got a pair of those too. The only problem with them is their cable. Mine is cracked in 2 places. I'm about to service them in two weeks. I know I'm getting them replaced, my warranty will be extended for next two years [I hope
], but you now- the were not given for free and I expected them to be a little bit more solid.

I have thought of selling them, but I'm so in love with their sound...
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I have loved these IEMs for quite some time (luckily with no cable issues!) and I personally found them to improve slightly with an amp (Pico). I think it's just a testament to how great and efficient they are at what they do: delivering engaging, accurate sound with amazing isolation, on-the-go. Of course, I always use my Pico anyway to get that silent noise floor.
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welcome to the club.

i briefly thought about selling mine for a set of triple fi but another listen to the triple fi made me really appreciate the sound of my se530s. no they are staying with me.

i haven't found a good amp for them tho. with the headsix it sounds almost no difference. i may need a new potable amp.

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