New in ear headphone recommendation
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Jan 17, 2008
So I have been away from the scene for a while and dont really know what is hot in the in ear headphone market. Everybody seems to have new headphone lines out.. I have had an old faithful pair of Shure E2C's for the past 3 years that I have loved to death.. Pretty much I fall asleep with them in every night and the cord has just split itself into a thousand pieces.. I have gone over it with liquid electrical tape about 5 times.. The left side has started shorting out and shocking my ear!! lol So I decided its time for a new pair. My budget is $100. What do you guys think are the best in ear phones on a budget? I see and like the design of the Klipsch but don't really know how they will sound. Shure has a new product line out that replaced the E2C?

Advice and opinions are greatly appreciated!!
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Sorry I didn't reply sooner I had to go out of town!

Honestly I liked the warm sound of the E2C's I didn't have the muddy problem most people had. I also really enjoyed the use of the foamies. I found those tips to give me the best sound and comfort especially while going to sleep with them in.

I listen to a little bit of everything but mostly rock, alternative, acoustic and even some country.

I guess the main thing i want is comfort. I have always had trouble getting silicon tips to stay sealed in my ears..
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Originally Posted by glac1er /img/forum/go_quote.gif
UM1 is very comfy and has a warm presentation. As for sf3, it sticks out a bit.

every time i see a westone thread i see the word warm and relaxing not too far after it. UE's i'm sure aren't as warm as the UM1's, but there's things you can do not to make them stick out as much.
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well i just went to radio shack hoping to find a pair of those cheaper ultimate ears and they couldn't find any in my district
where do you guys recommend ordering the sf3 or um1 from?
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Nobody knows the cheapest place to pick up these headphones online? I don't wanna pay more than I have to...

But I might be getting some SuperFi 5 Pro's used locally for a really good price
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Wooooooo I just got a pair of Super.Fi 5 Pro's used locally for $80
Can't get any of the tips to fit well though so its time to buy some foamies. Which foam tips work best on the 5's? I saw a thread where people were squeezing shure foamies on them...

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