New IEMs on a £40ish budget
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Jul 3, 2009
Hi all.

This is my first post on here, and I'm hoping that some of you can help.

In the past, I've had Sennheiser MX500 and PX100 phones, and then moved on to Shure E2Cs and E3Cs (the latter were a free upgrade as my E2Cs broke twice in the warranty period).

My E3Cs are now on their last legs, with the cable having to be manoeuvred to avoid crackling, and the warranty is up so I think it's time to get some new phones.

Since I've been happy with Sennheiser and Shure in the past, my search has focused mainly on the Sennheiser CX300ii (£26), CX400ii (£33), and CX500 (£20 on at certain times, and Shure SE210 and SE115 (both £70, so possibly too expensive for me).

I listen to all sorts of music, except heavy metal and rap/R'n'B, ripped at 196kbps (to be re-ripped in the future when I get a larger capacity player) on a 4th gen ipod.

I want something with a nice open soundstage, and a decent amount of base, although not to the point where I get earache from extended use.

Any recommendations either from the above options, or others, are most welcome and appreciated.

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well for that budget id say klipsch custom 2 is a good buy but a bit above or more likely the soundmagic PL-50.

clieOS has a review of it up and i thinks its rather impressive but havent yet A/B'ed them both yet. both would be a step up from the E3 you have but not sure if would have enough bass, depends how you define decent amount.
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
not sure if would have enough bass, depends how you define decent amount.

Good point. I guess I want something which sounds "exciting". My only gripe with the E3c and, to a lesser extent, the E2c, is that they're rather "accurate" and therefore can sometimes sound a bit flat. I find that my ipod perhaps needs a little something extra from the headphones to give it that bit of oomph, if you know what I mean.
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ahh well both have more bass than the E3 but not massively so. right now id still be inclined to say hold out till the pl-50 is available. the custom 2 does err towards the accurate but flat side of things more so than the pl-50 which to me i find it very fun but still having a similar sound to what uve got and like
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Ok, well, for the time being, and while my E3c's are still working, I decided to get a pair of IEMs for my laptop - the choice being UE Metrofi 170s at £25 or Sennheiser CX500 at £18 dow from £30, which was down from £55). I plumped for the Sennheisers purely on them being a brand I've been happy with twice before, so I'll post a review when I have them.

Once my E3Cs go, I have my eye on the SE115s, which seem to get universally positive reviews.

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