New E.Sound E5-m - Unit is Humming
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Dec 15, 2008
Hello from a forum Newbie.

I have been following several of the threads - mainly regarding the E5 and thanks to the wise advice and support given from DRArthurWells to Forum members I finally plumped for the new E5-m safe in teh knowledge that it was a wise investment.

Looks glorious, but last night (and I haven't yet hooked it up to my amp and speaker) it started humming quite audibly. It was a mains hum by the sounds of it. I haven't emailed Cattylink yet (so far Snowy has been brilliant with any minor issue and advice too so no concerns there) but before I go there I wanted to ask if any E5 owners (all versions) have experienced this? Also, does anyone know how to take the lid of the E5-m? It sounds like it only needs some deadening material for the alu lid. A strategically placed hand reduces the sound a lot.

OR - could it be the mains condition or something like that (it was running of a basic 4 way mains block)?

Any insight or advice is very gratefully received.


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Of course - this could be normal and also due to the mains condition as I just realised the temporary position it is in is connected to a mains extension which is connected to another mains extension and PC's and External Hard Drives and a multitude of transformers are plugged into it. 2 of them are 2 inches from the unit. When I first powered it up it was on its own mains outlet. I am very sensitive to noise (if you didn't guess that)! It is also inches away from my TFT and PC but the hum is when these are switched off.
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I have put this in the wrong Forum I guess?

I put a review of this little beauty at the end of another E5-m thread. Love it... Hum not too bad really - sounds magnificent.
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Okay - just so people are not put off the machine itself - I will post a detailed review of it soon. It is truly magnificent (and I have had the pleasure of listening to many high-end pieces of equipment in the past) and Snowy at Cattylink is a real gentleman and inspires confidence in the long term relationship with the company.

It is a wonderous player of CD's!


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