New DAC / Amp - uDac 2, E-MU 0204, Audinst HUD-MX1, Yulong U100
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Nov 8, 2007
I am currently using the uDac V1, but recently purchased some 1964 customs and can't help but wonder if my uDac is now the weakest link in my chain.  I have read many reviews, but just wanted to get a couple more opinions before I pull the trigger.  Do I buy the uDac 2 upgrade for $65, go all in for the $235 Yulong, or fall in the middle with the E-MU or Audinst?
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Yulong or Audinst, probably.
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You could go with something like the setup I have which consists of the following:
Musiland Monitor 02 DAC - $120
Fiio E9 amp - $120
Total - $240
With that you will have a better dac than the udac-2/emu 0204 and a lot more power than any of the four.
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I have the Yulong U100,it is a good Dac and a very good amp.My sr325is's have never sounded this well.Can't see any point in upgrading from here...Still time will tell.
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The Topping amps are built with such quality components.  My setup consists of digital optical feeding from my iMac into a Topping D2 DAC, through a YiXin MDS-623 tube preamp and finally into a Topping TP21.....l prefer this lovely sound over the large tube rigs (Macintosh, Golden Tube, Jolida, Nuera, etc.) I used to own.  I'm totally sold on audiophile Tripath T-Amp systems.  Check out my rig in action on youtube:  Topping TP21 T-Amp Stereo System
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 Out of the list you provided, I would have to say go for the Yulong. But I would recommend an audio-gd nfb-12 probably.

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